Improving fitness levels is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise alone will not allow one to achieve their fitness goals. A combination of exercise with lifestyle and dietary changes is paramount in maximizing your full athletic potential. A one-size-fits-all approach does not always work because everybody has different fitness goals as well as different nutritional needs.

Many factors play a crucial role in maximizing your athletic potential such as proper sleep, maintaining macronutrient and micronutrient balance, and controlling inflammation.

At Phoenix Integrative Medical Center, we take a comprehensive approach by identifying and addressing the micronutrient imbalances and the inflammatory/stress hormone imbalances that occur from extensive exercise with lifestyle modifications, personalized nutrition plans, and nutritional supplementation that safely and effectively address the needs of the individual.

Athletic Optimization Program includes:

  • Initial health assessment and examination by the physician and laboratory testing
  • Discounted standard laboratory testing
  • Discounted supplements
  • Personalized nutrition plan based on laboratory testing
  • Lab result discussion via telemedicine if indicated
  • Follow up visits and treatment plan

*The Athletic Optimization program is provided on a fee for service basis and will not be filed with your insurance and is based on package pricing. The patient will be provided with the cost of these services and given the option to proceed with the program.

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