Telemedicine is a new and innovative method of communicating directly with patients using HIPAA compliant videoconferencing or telephone services. Telemedicine allows health care providers to provide a standard of care practices while maintaining continuity of care with the patient.

Telemedicine allows the patient to be seen conveniently from the privacy of their home or workplace. The benefits of Telemedicine for the patient include the following:

  • Increased access to care
  • Maintaining comprehensive quality care
  • Less time away from work
  • No travel expenses or time
  • Less interference with a child or eldercare responsibilities
  • Privacy
  • No exposure to other potentially contagious patients

Our Telemedicine appointments are treated the same way as our in-office appointments, however, conveniently from your home or workplace. Your Telemedicine visit will be based on your specific needs, whether it is for chronic care management, follow up visits for prescription drug management or to review lab results, or to provide lifestyle, dietary, and weight loss counseling.

In order to qualify for Telemedicine services at Phoenix Integrative Medical Center, the patient must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in the State of Texas
  • Be an existing patient in the practice
  • For chronic care management: have an established medical condition

*Mental Health and Chronic Pain medical conditions are exempt from Telemedicine services and require an in-office appointment*

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