Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program for Men

As men reach their 40s, Testosterone levels start to drop at 1% to 2% a year, this may lead to signs and symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, depression or anxiety, reduced muscle mass, decreased energy, weight gain, loss of fitness and decrease in job performance.

While falling testosterone levels are a normal part of aging, certain conditions such as chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, obesity, stress, and sedentary lifestyles contribute to lower testosterone levels.

At Phoenix Integrative Medical Center, we take a comprehensive approach by identifying and addressing the root cause of Testosterone deficiency with lifestyle, nutrition, and diet in conjunction with Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones are compounds that have the same chemical structure as hormones produced in the body, per the Endocrine Society definition.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program includes:

  • 3 to 6 month program tailored to individuals needs
  • Initial health assessment and examination by the physician and laboratory testing
  • Discounted standard laboratory testing
  • Discounted supplements
  • Lab result discussion via telemedicine if indicated
  • Follow up visits and treatment plan which may include creams, injections or pellet therapy

*The Bioidentical Hormone Replacement program for Men is provided on a fee for service basis and will not be filed with your insurance and is based on package pricing. The patient will be provided with the cost of these services and given the option to proceed with the program.

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